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random accommodation
Crwone Plaza Berlin City Centre

Location: Berlin, Germany

Description: Enjoy a Kosher Holiday option with the only Hotel in central Berlin who offers these facilities for the Jewish observant traveller - The Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre.

The facilities include: rooms on lower level, mechanical door key, lamp t
... [more]

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London neighbourhoods Our family of four is traveling to London in July. We would like to look for an air bnb in a secular neighbourhood within an hour's walk to an Orthodox synagogue. Can you suggest some neighbourhoods for us to try?

how to ship belongings What does Customs allow or what items do they tax heavily. I have electronics, laptop, tablet, printers, I need as a writer, and also want some household items for an apt. with me. Want to give out blankets, soup, and bread to poor and shut-in Holocaust survivors too. Have Israeli friends, but don't want to bother them before I visit them. No idea who to contact for apt. search and for Customs requirements.

Barcelona apartments

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Glatt Kosher Food in Orlando
Going back in time, when chefs would shop daily for the freshest organic produce to provide a simple fare full of flavor and aroma.

I have a timeshare in Club Hotel Eilat, Five stars hotel 7 nights , a week before passover from March 29,2009-April 5th,2009, Total price $750. sleeps five If interested email to

Sarina's Kitchen

After a few years of cooking experiance for private entities and private events, Sarin Benhaim began her Glatt Kosher Miami Restaurant. With a little help from herfriends and family, she built Sarina's Kitchen, a showcase for Glatt Kosher experiance. The restaurant is simple, casual and relaxed. You can wear jeans or a suit, you can drink beer or champagne. Truly, it is all about the food. Every customer has the full attention and the feeling of eating home, the feel of the Jewish Mom's Kitechen and love.

Visiting Sarina's Kitchen Kosher Restaurant is like coming over to Benhaim’s house for friday night dinner. Welcoming you at the door, cooking your food, serving your drinks. Chef Sarin visits as many tables as she can each evening, mostly to talk and express her knowledge about the food. This is his dream come true, her passion and her life.

Kosher Facts: Pas Yisroel, Kemach Yoshon & Siffted, Bishul Yisroel,