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random accommodation
Berliner Hof am Tauentzien

Location: Berlin, Germany

Description: Berliner hof is not kosher hotel, but it is one of the few Berlin accommodation, which offer at least kosher breakfast upon request. The location is very good - in city center, within walking distance to Berlin Jewish community.... [more]

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It`Gabriel - Berlin 24.09.2010
2010-08-24 06:18:06
Posted by Judina Maria

Comment: Having read the above i decided to share my experience at Gabriel's. Firstly I thought I was reading about another restaurant, and waned to ask, if we have been really visited the same place, but it looks like we did. We also have been to the Jewish Community in Berlin and the food and service was simply the best! It's just strange how different the opinions and tastes could be. Appears like the poor ones who wrote the comment above were just catching a bad day. We were visiting berlin for the first time and after a very long tourist day our friends who just moved to Berlin introduced us to Gabriel's where we ended up having such a great time. The Buffet on Tuesday night was fool with great traditional jewish food such as Eggsalad, Hering, Eggplants, Gefillte fish with horshretich. Kids loved the meatballs, we ordered for them french fryes extra, which was not included in the buffet and they were so nice to give it to us extra with no charging. My friends and our family were all satisfied and lucky to eat like we were home, so we decided to come the next day on Wednsday. There was no buffet, but we ordered from the menu. i had a tasty mushroom barley soup, which reminded me of my childhood at my grandmothers. For the I had fresh Salad with grilled chicken breast on top. My Husband ordered a schnitzel not expecting it to be so good and so big, he even told me to find out the recipe, which I have done, and that was the only unfortunate part, I haven't receive it since after I asked what they were putting in their schnitzel the cook just smiled and said he was putting his soul into it. The waiter was very charming as well, he was speaking all the languages that we spoke…english, german and hebrew and made a very nice impression. Our friends were also very happy with a choise of israeli plate for 2 persons which included falafel, israeli salad, chummus, and grilled turkey breast on on a stick. And the most important thing, which made me write this comment was the story about goulash, which was mentioned above. Well my children love all kinds of gravies so we went with one portion of goulash for both but they wanted another one after eating it all out. After all we ordered 2 homemade deserts. One was a nut cake and another was an apple cake with cinnamon. Both were nicely decorated and very soft. In general we felt like we ate home. Very warm and cozy atmosphere. We look forward to come back there next year !

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It´s Gabriels - Berlin
2009-10-09 16:52:41
Posted by Mark Mergaerts

Comment: We are not Jewish, but on a recent city trip we absolutely wanted to try one of Berlin's Jewish restaurants and the description of "It's Gabriel's" looked very attractive. We expected the menu to be simple, and so it turned out to be, but that was no problem. My wife decided on chicken soup with matzeballs followed by a Wiener schnitzel, with a beer. I went for blinis stuffed with meat followed by veal stewed in its own juice, with a glass of red wine from Israel (Carmel). Well... they did have the soup, but everything else was unavailable. No blinis with meat, no piroggi with meat either, just piroggi with potatoes. Veal was not to be had; apparently the only things on offer were beef goulash and chicken Kiev. My wife asked for a harissa salad: no chance, the waitress smoothly translated this to an ordinary mixed salad. The soup was fine, luckily for my wife considering what she had to endure for her main course. I had great hopes for my piroggi - a well-seasoned potato filling can be wonderful - but what I got was a half-liquid and perfectly flavourless mash enclosed in a crust and surrounded by a massive and perfectly unseasoned salad. Bad enough, but that was before we even got to the main course. I don't know what was in my chicken Kiev - but the thing was so dry and devoid of any taste that the ingredients don't really matter. Still, it was culinary paradise compared to the goulash served to my wife. The hapless thing - what a pity an animal had to die for this - had been thrown onto her plate and consisted mainly of bone, sinew and a dry wiry substance, which I suppose was the meat. The mixed salad was again tasteless and inedible, fortunately it was also so big that my wife was able to hide the meat below it so that she could return the uneaten dish without giving offence. By that time I was rather desperate and wanted a second glass of wine .... sadly the red wine had run out too and the waitress's cheerful offer to have white wine or beer instead I had enough sense to decline. This experience hasn't put us off wanting to try the Jewish cuisine, and we refuse to believe for one moment that the abominable mess we were served at Gabriel's is in any way representative. This restaurant, if you can call it that, is located in a Jewish community centre and might be intended to serve some social purpose, but its existence is not doing any good to anyone. It gives every impression of being a place with potential but with the ill luck of having fallen into incompetent and indifferent hands. Avoid this culinary hell-hole at any price!

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